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Learn Merge Sort in JavaScript

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The course creator Jonathan Lee Martin

with Jonathan Lee Martin

Course level: Advanced

In this course, you'll practice your software craftsmanship skills by coding six different merge sort algorithms. Each solution will teach you a new technique for solving problems as a software developer and level up your computer science skills in general.

You'll learn

Merge Sort


Array splitting

Array view



Cursor + ArrayView


Improving your CS skills

Crafting exceptional code



This course is recommended for bootcamp graduates or working developers who have a good knowledge of JavaScript.

Meet your teacher

The course creator

Jonathan Lee Martin

📖 Author ⚛️ Educator 👨‍🏫 International speaker 🎒 Digital nomad 📸 Photographer @ Yellowscale.com

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Why this course rocks

The course follows on from Jonathon Lee Martin’s Working Developer’s Guide to Algorithms and aims to help working developers or bootcamp graduates to step up their software design skills by learning to think algorithmically.

Along the way, you'll learn to code six alternative implementations of the Merge Sort algorithm, as well as algorithm analysis and a handful of powerful design patterns.

By the end, you’ll be more confident in your CS skills and have sharper problem-solving skills to boot.

F to the A oracle to the Q
Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for people who are already coders (bootcamp graduates or working developers) and wish to learn the Merge Sort algorithm and level up their computer science skills in general.