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About Scrimba

Our goal is to create the best possible coding school at the cost of a gym membership. If we succeed with this, it will give anyone who wants to become a software developer a realistic shot at succeeding. Regardless of where they live and the size of their wallets.

To achieve this, we have created a new video format for code screencasts. We call it “scrims”. This format is the backbone of our school. Not only because it results in a superior learning experience. But also because it enables us to iterate more quickly, to attract better teachers, to facilitate better peer-learning, to keep server costs low, and much more.

If you're a teacher who's interested in creating a course on Scrimba, please send us an email with an example video where you teach a topic to hello@scrimba.com

the company

Scrimba AS is a remote company based in Oslo, Norway. We're backed by StartupLab, Nordic Makers, Alliance Venture and Amasia. You can follow the company on Twitter here.


Per Harald Borgen, a co-founder of Scrimba

Per Harald Borgen

Co-founder & CEO

Wants everyone to have a shot at improving their lives by learning to code.

Sindre Aarsæther, a co-founder member of Scrimba

Sindre Aarsæther

Co-founder & CTO

Creator of the Imba programming language.

Frode Jensen, a co-founder of Scrimba

Frode Jensen

Co-founder & COO

Checks that things are running and tends to the garden 🌱


Bob Ziroll, a team member of Scrimba

Bob Ziroll


Helping others achieve their career goals

Guil Hernandez, a team member of Scrimba

Guil Hernandez


Lifelong learner, enthusiastic about changing lives through tech. Enjoys kayaking on the Florida waters 🏄🏻‍♂️ ☀️

Tom Chant, a team member of Scrimba

Tom Chant


Taking the pain out of learning to code 😫 ➡️ 🥳

Rafid Hoda, a team member of Scrimba

Rafid Hoda


Code addict. Sucker for true crime docs. Occasional amateur chef.

the team

Leanne Rybintsev, a team members of Scrimba

Leanne Rybintsev

Operations Lead

Fond of coffee, code and cats. Works on live streams, emails and building internal apps! 👩🏻‍🔧

Alex Booker, a team member of Scrimba

Alex Booker

Scrimba Podcast Host

👨‍💻 Self-taught Developer + 🎙️ Host of The Scrimba Podcast + ▶️ YouTuber

Roku Blac, a team member of Scrimba

Roku Blac

Design & Customer Support

Just a guy trying to make cool things.

Endzo Useri, a team member of Scrimba

Endzo Useri

Customer Support

Here to help with any Scrimba support needs. Can be reached at help@scrimba.com and on Discord.

Abdellah Alaoui Solaimani, a team member of Scrimba

Abdellah Alaoui Solaimani

Product & Development

Head of ideas department. Thrives in unexplored land 🏝

Mikey, a team member of Scrimba

Mikey Oz

Product & Development

Likes to meditate, code, and help others learn.

Daniel Butler, a team member of Scrimba

Daniel Butler

Design Lead

Design, branding, UX/UI, Figma files, and a whole lot more!

Michael Rybintsev, a team member of Scrimba

Michael Rybintsev

Bootcamp Mentor

I learn, write about and help others learn code. Also interested in coffee, growing fruit, and surfing.

Micha, a team member of Scrimba


Bootcamp Mentor

Language buff, cat mom, coffee lover, bootcamp mentor and aspiring accessibility expert. 🐱☕️👩‍💻

Pumpkin the cat, the team mascot of Scrimba



Team Mascot and live stream star. Fond of the washing basket and window sills.