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Featured Path: Frontend Developer

Don't spend $15K on a coding bootcamp

Our Frontend Career Path helps motivated students become hireable developers for a fraction of the cost

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Photo of Aldhair Escobar who got a job after following the career path.

From cruise ship worker to remote web developer in just 5 months

I worked as a cleaner at a cruise ship when covid hit, and crushed the industry. So in July 2020, I started learning to code on Scrimba. Five months later, I got a job as a remote web developer for a SF-based startup. Scrimba has changed my life!

🇲🇽 MexicoAldhair Escobar @aldhairescobar_

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Learn faster with interactive screencasts

Our interactive screencasts let you edit the code whenever you want, just as if you were pair programming with the teacher. As a result, you will code more and learn faster.

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Get help and support from your peers

Right now, there are over 1.000 Scrimba students online in our community chat. It’s a friendly space where you can ask for help, share your code, get career advice, and meet like-minded people.

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After months of searching, I finally got the dream job!! I'msuper proud of myself and so excited. Thanks to Scrimbaand this community. Will still be using Scrimba sincethere’s always something new to learn here. Ooooch, a fellow Dutchie! Congrats on gettingthe Front-End job! Hoping to follow in your tracks in a fewmonths after finishing the course.@Ryonna Thanks you all, to Scrimba and Scrimba community. I willfinally start my career. This will be my first full-time / careeras a junior software developer at an IT company in Tokyo.


Hack your way to your first developer job

In addition to web development, our career path teaches you how to get your first job. You will build a portfolio, improve your LinkedIn, practice coding interview questions, and much more.

Check out the full curriculum here.

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Live events to help you stay consistent

Learning to code alone is hard. To help you stay on track, we arrange Town Hall chats, expert interviews, live-coding shows, and more throughout the week.

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Meet the world’s best coding teachers

We have handpicked the best teachers for each subject, and combined them into one experience. You get to code alongside experts like Gary Simon, Cassidy Williams, and Kevin Powell, who have a combined following of over one million students.

Join a rapidly growing job market

Demand for frontend developers is projected to grow 8% per year, which indicates that all companies — not just Silicon Valley big shots — are evolving to become tech companies.

The median salary for frontend web developers in the US is $77,874

Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2020

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Build real products while learning


Learn industry-relevant skills


Get help & support from your peers

Self paced

Learn at your own pace


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1% of the price of a bootcamp

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Is Scrimba a coding bootcamp?

Scrimba is not a bootcamp, but we offer a bootcamp experience that you can explore here. With Scrimba, you can learn at your own pace and location. Instead of traditional classroom instruction, we provide interactive screencasts, host live events, and foster peer-to-peer support among our students.

Do I get in-person help from teachers?

Coding help at Scrimba is peer-to-peer, meaning students help and support each other, instead of teacher-to-student. This is an important ingredient in being able to charge 1% of what coding bootcamps charge. If you would like a more guided learning experience, the Scrimba Bootcamp may be for you!

When do the courses start?

Whenever you want. Our courses are all self-paced, meaning you follow your own schedule. Sign up and get started today if you’d like!

Do you have team plans?

We sure do! You can find details here.

How long does the career path take?

You can complete the career path in three months if you are fast. But it will realistically take you 6-12 months to reach a hireable level as a frontend developer.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Please join our Discord server and ask in the #general channel. There, you will see replies from both the community and Team Scrimba.